Anne Frank Memorial

"The best tool yet devised for improving society is freedom."Idaho Senator Frank Church

Black words stand out against the sandstone - the thoughts of Chief Joseph, Buddha, a Basque poet, Dr. Suess -- and especially the innocent diary entries of Anne Frank. The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial provides a powerful testimony to the world around us.

Like many Boise natives, diversity meant little to me growing up. With the notable exception of speedster Cedric Minter in high school, my whole world was pretty much white, middle class and clueless. Maybe that�s why the stark messages of Anne Frank and others that adorn the walls hit so strongly. The world is full of persecution and tyranny, yet these words are a testimony to hope.

The Memorial is best viewed by entering via the old 8th Street bridge. Visions of cattle cars crammed with people may leap to mind as you cross the Boise River. However, the peaceful calm gurgle of the river provides peace. The placement of the Memorial in such a beautiful location makes it even more empowering.

Idaho has come together to create this perfect tribute to the human spirit. With a subtle curve of brick stone, water and light, the Memorial sends a powerful message. You will not regret time spent here.