River Dance Romance

I was out of town in search of a lone tree, my son, and an old rock god. So I went over a hill, beyond a bend, up a river, and to the end of a rainbow. Early morning followed the inevitable late night and soon my friend, her dog, two cars and a couple bottles of water were headed to points north. Together we were looking for a �tree model� for her new business logo. After we split, my son and I would catch aging rocker John Fogerty. Monica would head to a small town for the fourth of July in Riggins.

It still amazes me how much easier the trip to Horseshoe Bend is with the �new� road over the hill up highway 55. Old-timers remember the spinning, winding, twist and turns the trip once was. The rain last week would have created a road ripping hill slide that would bring delays and repair bills. Now SUV�s fly down into Horseshoe Bend like hawks on drugs.

The effects of the closing of the Boise Cascade lumber mill leaves Horseshoe Bend empty and sad. The Thunder Mountain Line starts here and that is about it.

Just as the Payette ends its bend the highway begins a romantic cha- cha with the river. Never out of sight their partner, water and pavement dance into and up the canyon. Only to say good-bye at Round Valley.

Up the north fork of the Payette a brave Kayaker attacks the rapids alone. Class five skill controls his paddle, onlookers cheered his descent. Where else in the world can you see such delight without even missing a shift? Fat�s Waller boogies from my stereo providing the perfect soundtrack. Does the kayaker ask the river �is you is or is you ain�t my baby�?

The river and the road break up for a bit as the pavement rolls into Cascade. An old fashioned Fourth of July parade vainly tries to block the progress of the new resort community that will soon replace all the quaintness. Look out Valley County, your wish of Tamarack prosperity is coming. Be careful what you wish for?

As the Payette widens into the Cascade reservoir, a mama osprey swoops in on me protecting her young. Her aerobatic twirls and spins are reminiscent of the lone kayaker. Donnely is the next wide spot on highway 55 and it�s time for lunch. Even after I read the the story on the menu I was not so sure the Vigilante restaurant in Donnelley is for sale. For sale information contact their lawyer his name is Mr. Whozit! Sale or not I did have a wonderful burger, and the wait staff was fun to watch as they dealt with the holiday crowd.

The river and the road reunite their romance at Payette lake in downtown McCall. With Foresters closed, a cup of the Buckaroo Blend next door at Moxie was the drug of choice. Before I went to look for the kid, I found my son with a book sittin'� on the dock and soon we were headed up another hill to see CCR front man John Fogerty. Fogerty mixed classics like �Down on the Corner� and new swamp rockers to keep the mostly older crowd smiling and remembering younger days.

The oldsters got to the gate early and the under 30 crowd arrived fashionably late. Soon young(son) and old(dad) were boogying in front of a smiling Fogerty. Overcoming the inevitable Bravo production and sound challenges the �Blue Boy� seemed truly to be enjoying himself. Even an early evening shower �Who�ll stop the rain?� failed to dampen the events sprits. When a double rainbow appeared above Brundage the night became surreal. It�s great to have a son that likes his dad and his music!