Orville Jacksons

In a world were you need a travel agent and a tour guide to find your way around the mall or the big �box� store, Eagle�s retail legend Orville Jackson's is a treat. For nearly a century, Orville Jackson's Eagle Drug Store has never been �just out.� In 1906 Pharmacist L.B. Harris opened The Eagle Drug Store for five hundred dollars.�Harris sold out to Orville Jackson in 1922. Jackson�s soon became a retail powerhouse for the western Treasure Valley. Drugs including "prescription" whiskey sold from a fifty gallon barrel, horse tack, rat traps, candy and hardware where all available.

The drug store is located on �old� Idaho State Highway 44 in the once sleepy Eagle, Idaho. From day one Jackson strove to provide the once rural and out of the way community everything it needed to spare their customers the long trip into Boise or Nampa. A trip to the soda fountain was considered a treat for many Treasure Valley kids. As Eagle has changed and grown, Orville's has�remained true to its original goal of providing �just about everything.�

Current owner Wayne Crosby can be found filling prescriptions daily(he�s only been here since 1972). Crosby's efforts�continue to focus on providing for their customers while maintaining the look and tradition of an old country store. The old chrome soda fountain can be seen peaking over a counter, behind the bright Coca Cola red stools is the candy. Can you think of anywhere else you can find penny candy?

Against one wall is a museum of sorts. Long displays of old time glass hypothicary jars that once held quinine or sodium bicarbonate line the shelves; the yellowing paper labels are slowly pealing away. Across the aisle brands like Bloat Out and Hog Mange Oil are proudly displayed. While keeping with tradition, there is a transition occurring at Jackson�s. Yes, you can still find workman gloves, fill a prescription, or buy penny candy, but slowly Orville Jackson�s is becoming a gift and antique store. Coca Cola collectibles fill part of the shop. The Buckboard gift shop takes a room (is next door? I�don't like this phrase)�and reproductions of old style signs grace the walls. Still, Jackson�s is a marvel of prosperity in the modern global generic business world. Like the East outside wall proudly displays. �Remember This! You can Always get it of Orville Jackson".