It's my way or the Milky Way

"It is perfect for Boise! We like to think of ourselves as a big city." My daughter summed up the feel of the Milky Way well. It does have a metropolitan feel. Something "west coast." The decor is open, maybe a little to open; our table had a rewarding view of an alley, service trucks included; the tall glass windows, industrial carpet, metal chairs, stark furnishings and the open grill all contributed to give the diner a pure and efficient atmosphere. Since I had not eaten at the new Milky Way, my expectation was of something more like the old basement location. The previous Milky Way was tiny, intimate and a reveled in a cramped- kinda kitchy vibe. There are elements of the old in the new eatery, but it has mostly to do with the food and style of service. Expect the same well prepared entrees and desserts, combined with servers that are well versed and efficient. Our sever Shea, was amazing as she rattled off 3 or 4 minutes worth of �Tonight's Special.� She cheerfully described��salads, sauces, and food preparation with a sly confidence.

One of the specials was a �trifecta.���It arrived exactly as expected, steak, salmon and a spicy sausage over a bed of baby greens. The salmon was a bit too good. My daughter told me it was better than mine! That hurt, but she was, as usual, right. The fish was grilled to that hard to match firm outside tender inside state and drizzled with a light cream sauce. The steak was as it should be. The winner of this trifecta was the sausage. Also grilled, this was a spicy delight -- the blend of meats and spices is so subtle that I am not sure what the sausage was made of. It tasted of pork, like a chorizo blended with cilantro, and maybe anise.

The daughter enjoyed her �hanger� steak and her not so easily impressed palette was more than happy with the bbq sauce. She was however underwhelmed with the mashed potatoes. To the Milky Way�s defense, I�m not sure anyone can cook mashers that will please my native "spud girl."

I can tell you that the positive nature of this review had nothing to do with the out-of-the-world bacon and I believe mozzarella wrapped grilled shrimp, that now star chef, �Pat the Wonderback� sent to the table. However, it didn�t hurt. Thanks Pat.