Club Night Reveiw

�Come one, come all! Tonight is the Gene Harris Jazz Festival Club Night - Come downtown and watch some of your favorite jazz and blues artists.� Nancy McIntosh�s Friday E-mail summed it up perfectly.

What a great night of Jazz. Paul Tillitson was his wiley self. Each year Paul commands the Egyptian stage and plays that unique combination of tradition jazz mixed with humor and funk. This years performance reflected time spent in Sun Valley�s famous Ducthen Room. The nightly work has polished Paul trio�s sound. Without losing his lighter side Paul's gigs now have that certain sophistication of the great club acts.

The most interesting act of the night had to be 11 Eyes at the Easy. The 11� s are fairly normal jazz band. Brassy up front with Trumpet and Sax, with a very solid back line. The guitar player stood out with quick licks and enlightened play. Oh, did I mention the DJ? Mixing, scratching, looping are not your usual jazz fare. Although not entirely original this bunch does have a very new sound. The contrast of the horns with the back scratching was lively. For some it was a little much, but I was somehow reminded the avant guard jazz of the 50�s.

At the Balcony crowd favorite Luther Hughes returned. The bar was jammed with happy faces. This was defiantly the hotspot of the night. The bluesiest band of club night laid down straight forward tunes with class and talent.

Down the street at the Gamekeeper it was standing room only. Charles McPherson and the New Stories Trio were as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Locals like The Frim Fram Four (The Reef and later at Pengillys), the beautiful Cherie Buckner w/Billy Mitchell(Centre on the Grove) and our own BBS Allstars(Bouquet) held their own and a good time was had by ME.

See you next year.