Balls-Meat that is! Ginos

The simplest of dishes can be the hardest for a restaurant. When eating a red pepper stuffed with a dilled goat cheese or a guava granita desert, can you tell if it is great or not? Me, haven�t had many goat cheese stuffed peppers!!

Spaghetti we all know. So when you order spaghetti it better be good. Gino�s in downtown Boise has spaghetti and meatballs on the lunch menu. Personally I love meatballs. So when my plate arrived I was expecting it to be at least OK. Hard to screw up a meatball, red sauce and pasta, right? Well many Italian restaurants can, especially the chains by the mall. They over work the recipe. Adding odd spices or heaping the sauce over weird pasta shapes. Guess they do this so their spaghetti looks different from the plate down the street. Gino? No! This is the SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS , a Marinara Sauce that is bold and smooth, al dente� spaghetti pasta and big lightly spiced Meat Balls.

If you want lots of pasta and a couple of golf ball sized meatballs go drive down MIlwaukee. Pull over at the first tan stuccoed building with a red roof. You may have to wait with everyone else and enjoy less than medium service but hey it�s the same meal you can get anywhere right?

Me ? I�ll be at Gino�s