Underscore Success

Three brave young men took the stage by storm this Sunday at the Blues Society Jam. Drummer Max Ball, guitarist Brock Bartel, joined Tyler Aguiar on bass to play some, rock old and new. These 7th graders were well rehearsed and solid.

What were you doing on a sunny Sunday afternoon when you were 12? If you think of it like that it is all the more wonderful. Their performance highlighted that these young men have spent some time working on the music and with each other as a band. Each had interesting solos and backed each other up well. Many youthful memories were stirred and even the most jaded of the old timers were smiling.

Judging from the shy smiles on Max, Brock and Tyler's faces plus the reaction of friends, family and the crowd we will see more success from Underscore.

Don't tell us we don't need music in the schools.