Bill Rizzo

rizzo-web.jpgAre you lucky enough to know Bill Rizzo? Hope so, Bill is one of those “stand up” guys. Even if you don’t know Wiliiam, he will be more than happy to help you. Rizzo’s always first to pitch in and help. The kind of man that brings his truck to move you, and picks up the heavy end of couch. Now it is our turn to help one of the good ones. See, Bill suffered a heart attack last month. He’s fine and getting use to living without pork rinds. However, the doctors inserted a stint, and kept Bill in Intensive Care for a couple of days. You can imagine the bills.

The FOB’s(Friends of Bill) are going to put on a benefit at the Rose Room, Friday, May 12th. Please mark your calendars. Expect a crowd and a great time. Jo will bring the bar, we will have music, a silent action, and all the money will help Bill. This one is important so I’ll be giving you all many reminders. Just make sure you plan on attending. If we don’t take care of our own, who will.