Jerimiah James

We Better Honky Tonk Up this Joint.:Jeremiah James. April 1st, 2006 Big Easy Concert House, Boise

When you meet an artist away from thier art or out of the studio you never know if they will be good. Lucky enough to meet Jeremiah “off stage, ” I quickly warmed to his wit and easy demeanor.

Jeremiah is one of the features artists for the Artists of Idaho Recognition Faire, so I stopped by the Easy to take a couple of promo shots of him performing. It was wonderful, with a Papst in hand and that same easy demeanor he entertained the small but appreciative crowd with an effortless charm that is not often seen.

His lyrics were original yet some how timeless. With a voice that fans rightfully likened to Johnny Cash, James finds humor in the steps we all take on the long lives journeyjames-easy-web.jpg.