New York

It was 5:15 at the corner of 47th and Madison in downtown Manhattan. Add rain! New Yorkers move at a different pace then the rest the world. The weather made it surreal. Those without umbrellas ran for cabs or hung under awnings. Those with, became juggernauts, heading down the sidewalk in ever-changing battle formations. Duck, move or be smacked in the eye.newyork-rain-wweb.jpg My last trip was just months after 9-11, and the city was still in shock. We all lost something that day but the hurt was so real in downtown NY NY. I am glad to say that the swagger is back. Still I find less of the rudeness of old, and maybe more life if that is possible. If the terrorist wanted to cowl a group, it didn’t work so well. Come to think of it what genius believed that New York could be terrified! Guess they have missed the movies. Not even the great King Kong scared New York.