Americana, not the western version of haystacks and pitchforks. Something more modern, iconic., more Madison Ave. In fact Mad Ave is the beginning of my “Concrete Jungle” safari. On just one trip we took the subway from Grand Central Staten to the Brooklyn bridge, looked over downtown to see the Empire State. Then ate under the bridge at the Bridge which is the oldest restaurant in Manhattan. From there we checked out a photo gallery and walked to the Staten Island Ferry were we headed out to see the Statue of Liberty. Coming back we laughed at the Wall Street bull, cried at Ground Zero and caught a bit of Algebra in concert in City Hall park.

As you make your way through Manhattan there is a landmark at every turn. The Roosevelt Hotel is home base this week. Even before leaving the room the Chrysler’s Art Deco tower shines through the window of this richly updated 1930’s hotel The Roosevelt sits-no commands the corner of Madison and Fifth. The top of Broadway. Just around the corner from Grand Central Station. Blocks from Times Square. It is almost dizzying to absorb. The American landmarks of novel and history books. Great looming symbols of prestige and commerce. Wall Street, Times Square, The Flat Iron Building-all crammed onto one small island. Here are a few photos.