Night life- The right life

Been kinda tough on the bars of late. Think it is time to balance the score.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make you a "bar star."
1)TIP-period-TIP. If you have a problem with your drink order, or some other complaint-tip anyway. Complain to the management and then post your bitch on the internet! The server most likely had nothing to do with your dissatisfaction and should not be punished for it.martihits3-web.jpg 2) Know what your are ordering. If you want a specific type of liquor, order it. If you like Gray Goose say so. Don’t assume just because you are a "regular," or they have made your Flaming Monkey Nut once they know what is in it. Yes, your special, just not that special! 4) Avoid high maintenance drinks. Very helpful especially if it is busy. So no blender drinks, or 10 minute martinis when the bar is packed. 5)Only order the drinks you are paying for! Don’t get “the guy over there” a drink and expect the server to track him down for paying. You order-you pay. 6) Pay cash-it’s safer and quicker for all. The only possible exception is if you are going to stay in one place all night. By one place I don’t mean moving all over the bar. Ordering drinks from whomever. One bartender or server per card! 7)Watch out for your friends. If they are getting to drunk or headed for a fight-get them to sit down and quit making an ass of themselves. They, you and the bar will be better off.