Yosemite challange

Ok, back to civilization or as close as you can get in Oakdale. Can’t really absorb the whole Yosemite week yet but here are a few of my thoughts and images from the first part of the week. More as soon as I have some time to write it and process the pics.

It takes a command of English that few can master to describe the beauty that is Yosemite. A poet maybe. Even the depth and vitality of an Ansel Adams photo can in no way capture this place. As I sit in a cabin under a mile high rock face, a storm is rolling in. Wind blows ever stronger up the valley. Soon I will take my shot at finding images. I will walk the paths of the greats and see what I can see. This marvelous challenge is intimidating and tantalizing at once. I’m off.

1stmorningcrew web.jpg(Part of the crew 1st day)
yosmite birds cu web.jpg Yosmite Falls(quote the raven)
meadow tree web.jpg Meadow Elm