Beautiful difference

Yosemite mickey-1010103.jpg Disney World or Yosemite?
In the past two weeks I have been to two of the most interesting and beautiful places in America. First Yosemite, and now I’m in Disney world. Both beautiful? Yes, but in very different ways.

Yosemite is like the girl next door. Natural, looks great in shorts and hiking boots. Up for any adventure, maybe a row of freckles along her nose.

Disney World, well she’s a super model. All make up, botox and enhancements. Flashy outfits and glitter everywhere. She is entertaining and fast, and how do you say a good ride.epcot disney web-8765.jpg

History is from the beginning of time at Yosemite, ancient glaciers ripped through the valley and natives have likely lived under the falls of Yosemite as long as there have been people in north America. History at Disney is late 20th century, all concrete and glass. Each, river, plant and animal placed perfectly. Disney is a marvel to mans ability to make things happen, Yosemite a marvel of natures power.

Yosemite closed-7348.jpg

Can you love both the super model and the girl next door. Why not, after all they are both stunning and fun.

BTW the first photo is of native American impression made in the basalt of Yosemite. They were used to grind nuts and grains for bread.