So Sad-Kathy Kendall

Sad news, one of downtowns best is gone. . . former Piper Pub manager Tim Kendall posted this news. . . Not sure what the best way to get a hold of you, hope this works. Kathy Kendall, A bartender during the time the Piper Pub was a very special place passed away March 16th. She won over all of the regulars, at that time, and was determined to make everyone have fun. I know quite a few people who read this daily either worked or knew Kathy. Your site is great and is fun to read. She did pour you a few! The cause of her death was due to a very wicked infection in her blood that caused, among other things, complete renal failure. There will be a memorial web site - set up in the next few days. Thanks! Tim

Tim was kind enought to send along these wonderful pictures of Kathy.

Thanks Tim, our thoughts are with you. Kathleen Kendall.jpg Honduras.jpg