Warning Rant Ahead

. A very talented artist friend said that I was successful because "I was cute and a man"

Baloney, I am successful because I work at it. Didn't help that I heard this when I was in the middle of loading my truck to set up a 4 hour show in a nice restaurant. This is after hours of promotion. Naturally I had to remove it last night it is still waiting to be moved into my studio. Did I mention that I tore my shoulder out on a photo shoot and I am awaiting surgery?

Last year I worked the Capital City Market 34 out of 35 Saturdays(missed one for my brothers wedding), rain shine, snow, whatever. I also did something like 15 other shows and events.

I am not alone, most of the artists I know that are 'successful" work damn hard. Anyone who saw Anna Webb, and Reham Arti create the wonderful traffic circle, or have been to a rehearsal of the Red Light Theatre  know what I mean.

Is my work rewarding, hell yes. It was wonderful last night to sell me "mistakes" It is WORK thought. I do get to take pictures for a living, but sometimes I am standing someplace freezing ass cold waiting for the light to be just right, or up to my ass in a river working an angle.

Haven't even mentioned what it takes to be a successful commercial photographer.

So the next time you see a nice piece of art and think, "Hey I could do that-Think Again!

Rant complete.