2013 Idaho Calendar!

OK, here is the info on the KickStarter project for the 2013 Idaho Calendar!What's a Kick Starter Campaign? It is "crowdfunding", doesn't help? Crowdfunding is a combination of the old "ask everyone you know" way of creating a project and the internet. Using an independent 3rd party to collect and distribute the funds gives projects more reach and respect. Click on the Basque wagon pic to take a look at my video and feel free to comment, ask questions, or become a supporter. I am going to make a killer calendar(many of the shots have already been featured here.)

coffee dream-photo friday

web-img_7147franciscan-2 Taken on an early morning coffee run with Lissa in Minneapolis. Techicacall I Slowed the shutter speed which alows the beans to blur and creates the feeling of movement. Selective blurring and darkening at the edges give this a dreamy early morning feel.