Lardo's in Mc Call

Great pasta in McCall? Yes! The lasagna at Lardo�s is perfect. Lardo�s has always been an Idaho favorite. Kids love the story of the little town across the river from McCall. According to the legend, the small mining hamlet got its name from a load of supplies that fell from a wagon while struggling up the hill, now obscured by the bridge that passes between the city park and the newly renamed Whitetail Inn. The wagon was carrying a cargo of flour and fat. Half way up the hill the load slipped off the back of the wagon. When the driver saw the resulting mixture he was said to have yelled, �Oh look at the lard and dough - - Lardo, Lardo!� Soon his cry became the town's name "Lardo." Lardo�s Bar and Grill stands as tribute to the power of the legend. Lardo�s is steps above the standard restaurant bar combination. Lardo�s was the first place we encountered hand cut fries. �Lardo's fries� are perfect after skiing either on lake Payette or up the road at Brundage. The rest of the menu includes great burgers, the aforementioned pasta, fresh salads, and the like. Enjoy Lardo�s the next time you are in McCall.