Ahh! Pair

�It�s Aubergine, grown up,�

co-owner Christine Reid told us. As longtime fans of her and partner Gil's wonderful Park Center Mall Restaurant, Aubergine, we were anxious to check out Pair. Pair may have the best location in Boise, on the corner of 6th and Main, across from City Hall in Old Boise. Pair is hip without being pretentious. The decor is a contrast of light and dark. A hardwood entry, makes way to black floors and the purple columns stand out against light green walls. (You can bet they have a designer name for the color.) Inviting coaches, tables and chairs give Pair the feel of someone's living room. O.K., a living room of someone way cooler than most of us, still it works. This is what China Blue across the street tried and failed to be. The sword of �trendy� can be wicked. Just a little too much and it becomes a parody. In an earlier review, I described China Blues as the place where all the cool kids in high school would go. At Pair you are more likely to find the kinda� average girl you though was cute and nice and you didn�t talk to until the last day at high school. She�s the type that will go to Pair after work at the bank. (She�s still cute.)

Pair is a full day affair. Breakfast at 7:30, lunch at 10:00, dinner at 5:00 and a full bar for cocktails till 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Be a trend setter and come down to 601 Main.