Now we are famous for more then potatoes. It started on channel 7, now this story is on the AP and Reuters wire services. The BBC, ABC, and many newspapers around the world ran it. Guess it is better then when the Aryan nation stuff. . .UPDATE. . . Jay Leno used this story as a joke Monday night!

BOISE, Idaho Feb 16, 2005 ? A city ordinance bans complete nudity at all gentleman's clubs, but one has challenged that ordinance by distributing pencils and sketch pads to patrons during "art night."

The ordinance does give nudity exclusions for artistic displays which include dance, ballet and dramatic performances, so every Monday and Tuesday, the club encourages customers to sketch the models as they perform nude routines.

"As far as the Boise city code, it specifies it has to be a serious artistic manner and this is a serious artistic manner," said Chris Teague, Erotic City owner.

The club has put on art night for two months, and Teague said he has not received any complaints.

Boise Police officials say the club has not been cited for any ordinance violations.