The first new am radio signal in I�m thinkin� 40 years has come to town. according to IDAHORADIONEWS.COM. 890 AM, KDJQ plays �Vintage Rock and Soul,� with a focus on 50 and 60s R&B and rock hits. If the comments on IDAHORADIONEWS.COM are any indication the station is playing some songs that we haven't heard for a while. Cool.

While I am on the subject of radio. Remember when radio was fun, local, hell! even live? Now, well if you think you are hearing a �live� dj and it is after 10 am, call-No one will answer? Try the web, no response �till the morning. �IM� Yeah, right. OK, Caves and Prater are live at 4:00, but almost always that DJ is long gone by the time he�s �on the air�.

Sometimes they are not even in town!!! A Wall Street Journal article exposed a California based dj that was �Live� in Boise and Salem. BEAM ME to BOISE, Scotty. No Scotty, I meant Salem>>>.

USA Today wrote yesterday (5/12/05) that radio listening is off by 9%. Wonder why the big radio companies haven't blamed illegal downloads, like RIAA has? Blame the same old songs, nothing local and certainly no fun. Maybe KDJQ will be different.