Exclusive interview-John Nemeth

WWW.BOISEE.COM Exclusive With Sandon's sax playing in the background it was a pleasant surprise to look up and see John (Forever to be called Fat) Nemeth walk in the restaurant. So I bought him a drink and ask a couple of questions.

John is doin' fantastic. How about this gig. The buzz in San Francisco was so loud that an agent from Thailand hired John to do month on a private isle. Here is his week, hang out all day, play a fiery FORTY minute set, repeat. On Friday he has a long day, the show is televised (Austin City Limits-Bancook style) so John works a whole hour. When he got a little bored with all the work they sent his fiancee over for a couple of weeks.

Songs? Is John still using that rapier wit to write lyrics. "I got a million of 'em!, I love to write about love lost."

How about a new CD? "My current CD is still selling well, especially in Europe. " John and I talked about the music biz and he told me that he'll likely have a record company for the next project. "They have the time and marketing power to promote sales and deliver product. I'm still shipping from my apartment."

John told me he is in town for just a couple of days before heading to play all the hot spots in SF. After that John is headed to Europe for another month in the early fall.

Can't say I'm surprised at John's success. He has the prefect combination of tenacity, style, talent and drive to be a superstar. Even back when he was in high school and playing on the lake in Lake Harbor with the slim Moore brothers, Nemeth had the fire in his eye. Over the years, countless hours of stage time, his dedication to learning his craft and the history of the blues have seasoned John's talent. Soon the whole world can see what Boise audiences have seen for years. John can flat blow.