Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Been to many concerts were when I left, my ears hurt. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at the Idaho Center Saturday night was the first that made my eyes hurt. It was beautiful. My daughter grabbed wonderful 4th row seats and thankfully took her dad along. To describe the music you need words like powerful, hard, lyrical, classical, but mostly it was rock. Crunchy guitars and 70's "moogy" keys wrapped around traditional Christmas and classical tunes. Fantastic!

In the middle of the first set I happened to look up at guitarist Angus Clark. He had the look of pure bliss that is derived from a job well done. What a job, Angus is surrounded by a cadre of friends and extremely talented musicians. It was wonderful to watch him smile and wale away on his Jackson electric guitar. Yes, it was hard not to be bit jealous. However, I was with the most beautiful girl in the room.

Lazers sliced and danced throughout the fog laden air in geometric patterns of red and green. The choreography of sound and light made for lively entertainment. Most tunes were powered by twin guitars and a bass, add in a full string session, sythn drums and keyboards and you get an idea of the scope of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Did I mention the singers. Handsome men and gorgeous women with prefect tone and oh what style.

What a great night. Thanks Lis and thanks to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. See you next year, save me a seat.