Stopped by the new Roddys to watch a co worker turn 29 and ride the bull with a big red nose. Because Dell may some day have children the details are secret. The real story was that on a cold winter night when not much else was going on down town this counrty bar was rockin' literally rocking. The mix of music was weird but strangely effective. Big and Rich were playing "?Ride a Cowboy." as we entered. It is a country bar. We settled in and I was expecting pop country to blast the rest of the night. The DJ then went to classic medley based on ACDC- you guessed it "Hells BELLS." The spinner sequed between current counrty tunes and 70's and 80's rock all night. The mostly 20 something crowd danced to both. For a guy who heard most of the rock live or fresh from the box it was not such a bad mix. Country plus Rock. Call it CRONK