Paul Tillitson

Gotta tell ya Paul is his own man-but you can hear his mentor in his playing. Paul's style is all his own, but the power, tutelage and feel of the legendary Gene Harris shines in Paul. Not to say Paul Tillitson is a mimic, or a mime. Paul's playing is distinctive, and the tempo more boogie than Gene's. It is piano that is strong and playful in a way that will remind you Gene, but not.

Tillitson's music is an entertaining combination of classical and whimiscal. Concert hall meets whorehouse boogie. Paul raises above the music and plays with a verve and swagger that few can match.

Soon Mr. Tillitoson will be playing to the uffo's in Sun Valley at the Duchin Room. For now I'll close my eyes, think of Gene Harris and be glad Paul spent some time at the Idanha.