As a very frequent user of the internet you would think that I would be hard to fool. OK! Not that hard, but still I have spent years blogging, buying, selling and generally driving this ol' info highway. So what? Well a very clever e-mail almost snagged me yesterday. In one of my e-mail accounts I received an e-mail apparently from Pay Pal, stating that an address in California was added to my account. Since I had just updated my addresses, I FREAKED. Figuring someone was using my account and shipping to their house. I almost clicked the link to "Update" my account but got sidetracked. After a moment it occurred to me to look at my Pay Pal account directly. Yep, you guess it. No new address. The e-mail was an attempt to get me to enter all of my personal information. This trick Darn near worked. So my friends, be careful. The crooks are pretty smart.P>S> I sent the offending e-mail to Pay Pal for their investigation!