Jon Duane & Chris Kelly?

Corporate radio triumphs again. If you wake up to the radio, you have noticed that almost all of the stations have changed the way they program in the morning. The latest causalities are Jon and Chris at KIDO. Earlier 100.3, replaced the Boise weekly "# 1 dj" Big J with the national Mancow. Big Jack at Kool was fired and a new country station was created.

From what I am hearing Chris and Jon were locked in a battle over style and substance. The locals wanted a more free form and Idaho based radio show. The suits from Clear Channel tended toward safer canned material. Final score Boise -Two, San Antonio(home of Clear Channel) Zero.

As a former radio show producer and announcer, I can tell you that it scares the Bejesus out of executives when they are not in TOTAL control of air waves. Long gone are the days when a DJ chose their own songs or even the words they speak. I was fired as one of the 1st acts when Journal took over KF95 (now the River.)

BTW, in an surprisingly deceptive effort to appear local, one station flew the morning team in from wherever they record their show to give away a truck at a local dealership.

The good news is that Big Jack is likely to be returning soon, hopefully the same is true of Jon & or Chris.

So the ever changing "River Morning Show," and all the rest of the locals must be a little nervous. Bet even Paul J is putting a little extra in savings for retirement.

Like the Daily paper, radio is less important in today's world. It might be to much to ask that the content and the people that deliver it come from our home. Bummer!