Pete Wadams

This is another sad one. Local drummer Pete Wadams has been hurt in a car crash. Although I do not know Pete I can tell you he is well loved. A benefit has been organized by his friends. Take a look at the website they have put together, gotta warn you it will tug at your heart. There is a link to send a donation on the page.pete.jpg

Pete Wadams
Pete's freinds have organized a concert to help his family-here are the details:

April 30th (Sunday) @ Shorty's:

11:00 AM - Travelin'Travis ( Small Stage ) 12:00 AM - Brother Bob ( Small Stage ) 1:00 PM - Neighbor Dave ( Small Stage )

2:00 PM - Pilot Error 3:00 PM - Frantik 4:00 PM - Ripchain 5:00 PM - Goracide

6:00 - 6:30 PM - Pete Wadams Video Presentation

6:30 PM - L G E 7:30 PM - Factory Air 8:30 PM - O C D 9:30 PM - Black Tooth Grin

10:30 PM - Street Wise ( Small Stage ) 11:30 PM - The Blue Rays -Richard Soliz ( Small Stage )

( Doors will open at 10:00 AM. This is for setup and prep for the day's event )

$5.00 Door / ALL the money goes to Pete Wadams. (Will be monitored by a member of XEX!)

There will be a "Bloody Mary Bar" and Maramosa drink specials; $1 from each will go into the Pete Wadams Fund. Also, $4.50 Jager Shots ($1.00 goes to Pete and they get to keep the shot glass!)