Sweet Success

Underscore the band of young men who 1st preformed publically at the Blues Jam is becomming quite a big deal. Here is an e-mail from the Band Dad. . . A lot has been happening with Underscore. They auditioned for and received an invitation to play at this years Idaho State Fair on the Midway Stage for a 1 hour set. As soon as I know the exact date and time I will pass it on. The band is also going into the recording studio this Sunday to record an original song to submit to the Boise Blues Society for consideration to be on the annual Blues Society CD. Boise Blues Hopefully the band will have a great recording session and get their entry selected. Everybody keep their fingers crossed for that. They will probably record a couple more tracks too while they are in the studio. Other than that the band is practicing hard and can't wait for their next gig which will be a private Graduation Party in May then another private "School's Out" party in early June then they will be continuing their preparation for the big event on July 16 which will be the Boise Blues Society Picnic at Julia Davis Park. Thanks for all the support from all Underscore fans and don't forget to forward this e-mail to anybody who you think may be interested in following Underscore. I am still looking for any and all e-mail addresses to add to the Underscore fan mail list. Everybody have a great weekend!!

underscorerocks.com Sincerely, Fred