Frim Fram Forever?

Was lucky enough to catch Jonah Shue twice last week at two different weddings I was bartending. Jonah did a wonderful job solo, and again with the Frim Fram Four. His raspy soul tinged voice was a mellow complement to the proceedings of love. With the departure of smooth Tom Moore what is going to happen to the Frim Fram Fellows? Tom is headed to law school to learn to perform in front of a jury. That leaves the Frim Fram Four, well Three!. The good news is that Jonah will step into the guitar roll. Unfortunately that means less fiddle, but it’s good to know the that Frim Fram will go on. Jonah told us that they will most likely add a forth player if only to keep the name intact.

Enjoy the FFF at Pengilliys Thursday, the Milky Way Tuesdays or a wedding near you.