Travel Tips II

Travel too: A few more non airline travel tips:

ATM’s are much easier than finding a place to cash a travelers check. No checks allowed signs apply to these types of checks also.

Don’t leave anything of value in your rental car. Every thieve knows what the “Enterprise” sticker looks like on the bumper. It may even be wise to leave it unlocked to avoid window breakage.

The more expensive the room, the more likely you will have to pay for internet access. Before you go find a free internet cafe close to where you are staying. BTW, I have never found a Starbucks that didn’t charge for internet. Look for a local coffee chain. It also seems that the farther east you go this less free access there is.

If you are a serious camera person. Consider getting a smaller camera for those times when you don’t feel like lugging the whole pack. Even having a disposable handy can be a good idea.

If you still shoot film. Pack it separate and ask the gate security for a hand inspection. It may be worth it to get it developed in the town you are visiting. There is a Costco on Maui and Oahu! Walgreens is also fast and efficient.

If you are buying souvenirs or cocktails-look for less expensive real estate. In beach front towns even a few feet from the sand can save big bucks. However it was worth a couple of extra dollars to have a scotch overlooking Times Square.

Speaking of Costco. Buy batteries, film, memory cards, even sunscreen at home. Things that tourists buy are always expensive where tourists shop. If you have to get something look for a Walgreens of Rite Aid. The Wallgreens on the Wharf in San Francisco, has cost effective souvenir isle and prices like more your use to.

Carry some water with you. Long gone are the days of public drinking fountains. You also may want to pee before you leave the room.freshrestroom-web.jpg Fresh Restrooms are few and far between.

Hotel Concierges often get kick backs for their recommendations. So their advise can be skewed. I am a big fan of asking the maid, the taxi driver, or the bartender/wait staff for food and sight seeing advise. Especially after I have tipped well. Think about it, they know the neighborhood and they hear all the tourist reports good and bad.

Pupil transportation is a fun way to see a city. You can travel from the Oakland Airport to uptown San Francisco for $4.50 on BART for example. It is around $40.00 in a cab and you go under the bay not over the Bay Bridge. This can be very helpful at rush hour.

BTW Taxi’s are relatively cheap in Manhattan. They are however like riding a thrill ride.

Men-Wear your wallet in your front pocket. Better yet get a money belt. Don’t flash your money around. Woman should not pack a huge purse, and should carry the small one in front oh them.

Keep a bit of cash and/or a second credit stashed away. Just in case a bag gets taken or you lose your purse.

Keep a copy of your itinerary and a back up ID separate. You should also have all your info back home. Fed-ex overnight could save a trip. The best tip of all. Take comfortable shoes.