Hard to belive that the mighty Boise State was a small community junior college not so long ago. As a kid, my mom and dad would take me to the BJC games. The football games were fun, but I remember running up and down the wooden bleachers making a huge racket. Wood bleachers? stadium_early1940s.jpgImagine that in this age of BCS and All American running backs began just a few decades ago with a rickety wood stand. It sat in about the same place and could pack in 5000 or so(with bleachers borrowed from Boise High). The current Bronco stadium built in 1970, originally it had just a single lower bleacher on the west(student) side and a doubled tiered east side. Soon both sides doubled and later the north end zone was closed. Small or not Boise has always been a football jugernaut. Over the years the school has won everthing from the Spud Bowl and Camellia Bowl's in Califronia to NCAA and now several WAC championships.

Interestingly the field was not originally blue. It has only been “smurf turf” since i think 1986. “The Blue” is now seats 30,000 and has become one of the hardest fields in america to beat the home team on. The “Boise---State” cheer can be very disruptive to the opposition.

So as we watch the once mighty Miami get beat by Nevada in the MPC bowl at the stadium and see the Broncos smack some orange and blue on Oklahoma we should remember our not so distant past.

bsu buster-web.jpgGo Blue