Dead Kat Lives-W/Update from Nancy-Bass Ackwards

I can't seem to make a 9 lives joke, but here is some great from Kat's House of Blues manager Cyndie Lee(or Nancy this time). . . The new owners took over on the 19th of March and they are trying to keep what I started going. They have kept the band bookings so far and the groups are actually gettin paid for their efforts. Hopefully folks will go on down and support the music so all our wonderfull musicians can KEEP gettin" paid. and from Nancy McIntosh(Actually Cyndie). . . Hey all, Here's the scoop on Kat's House of Blues. The new owner (Joey Ramsey) seems to be a pretty decent guy who wants to KEEP the blues format and will PAY the bands he books. No more workin for tips !!!!!! Richard Soliz will still be holding the pro jams on Thursdays. Streetwise is booked in there for April 13 /14. I dont know what the rest of the week-ends hold next month but you can call Kat"s to inquire. Joey says if there is a snag with the owner of the building he has another one lined out to buy and will move the blues there.

SO, we still have a blues venue, Thankfully. Peace