Boise Area River Festival Exclusive

DateLine-4.1.2007Boise Area River Festival spokesman Mobray Davidson the 3rd tells Boisee that the “Fest was a family event. An event to important to lose.”

In an attempt to please out of town musicians and food vendors. The new event will be moved to the first day of April beginning in 2008. “Because so many of our out of town businesses have more important fairs and the like during the spring and summer we are moving the new River Festival.” Said Davidson

Due to the weather, in early April the Boise Area River Festival will be held “along the river” in the Taco Bell Arena. “Hey, we may even try to get a hot air balloon up in there.” Davidson is quoted as saying.

We at salute the new Boise Area River Festival. What could be more important than bringing back this classic. An event where out of town businesses and musicians feed and entertain tourists. April 1st 2008 will be a special time in Boise land.