Iphone-Should you?

After months of phone envy, denial, thought, and just Irish frugality the loss of my old Samsung on a photo safari last week meant it was time of look at a new phone. Since I biologically wasn’t equipped for the IBoob I took a look at the Iphone. Well I bought and I love it. How cool is it to be able to go to my www.AmericanPhotoSource.com site and show a prospect my whole gallery. As a phone it’s great, the voice mail feature is so neat, like e-mail, you can pick and chose what order you listen to the messages in. However the best part may be the touch screen key broad. Any regular reader of this page knows that typing is not my biggest talent!!! I have been very challenged by IM, text messaging and the like. Now with the iphone it is not so hard. Typing on the screen is quick and intuitive. So, Iphone, maybe you should too.