Wayne Coyle to leave Rocci Johnson Band.. NOPE

Sorry all! Paul was apparently wrong on this. Fun while it lasted.

....because he's been picked up by Dishwalla who was recently Re-Signed and was short a guitarist. Although not mentioned on the website, I was assured by another local musician Wayne is leaving his house gig of over 12 years to play on the road. Wayne is an AMAZING guitarist, and anyone who has heard the RJB do 'Shine on you crazy Diamond' at Hanna's (without Rocci) won't surprised he was snagged by Dishwalla. Nor will anyone who has known Wayne and followed his career. By the way, Dishwalla's bass player has been Bill Liles replacement at Hanna's since he left the RJB. Obviously he's leaving her band too.....

You heard it here first.


Thanks Paul, this is great news. No one deserves a brighter spotlight than Wayne. Coyle is a long time friend, hell he used to work at Wizzards. If anyone has an email for Wayne send it my way via boisee(at)gmail.com.