City grill?-Update

The big hole swallows a restaurant. The disaster that is the Boise Tower has claimed another very unfortunate victim! The City Grill. A letter from owners Mitch and Christine, explains that although biz was off a bit, it was still pretty good and the holiday parties were booked solid. The real reason for the closure was the bankruptcy of the former landlord, and the subsequent inflexibility of the new owner. Without a solid lease and a rapidly degrading building in need of Lot's of improvements, something had to give. Sadly it was City Grill. Expect a big chain soon, however we have heard that Ruth's Chirs wisely passed and went to the Royal as indicated a long while back.

C G was one of my favorites and will be missed. Don't think is the only one that hates it when local businesses are kicked to the curb for some outside deal.

The good news! Pair is going strong and will honor ALL City Grill gift certificates.