Last chance to see the "Metal Series"

The Gallery at Hyde Park is presenting my “Metal Series”  The show only runs through the end of the month. This is the last time that this set of images will be displayed together. Photography is a quest, an adventure. With a camera or two and a bouncy yellow lab, I search to find what the world wants me to show you.

An aging black staircase slashing down the back of a red urban landscape, the wide vista of a frigid winter morning. Red rust against the chrome of an old gas pump, maybe a single flower glowing in a desert sunset?

I am never quite sure.  Over the next hill or around the corner, I seek to show you the world in a way that will make you feel better connected. 


Powerful images are everywhere and I love the journey to find them. 





As a photographer I have always been fascinated with pushing the limits of presenting work. 

The Metal Series comes from the simple idea. “Wonder if I can print on Metal?”

It took months and a lot of weird chemicals, sand papers, and determination but the answer is yes! 






You might just be amazed at the images.


Also at the Gallery this month are the wonderful images from Keith Walklet. Keith’s work is nothing short of stunning. Sometime I think Ansel Adams himself haunts Keith's camera.

The Gallery at Hyde Park 

1513 N. 13th Street

Boise, ID