Downtown update

Been a lot of activity in the bar/restaurant biz lately. Seems like a quick update is in line, in no particular order. *Angells is open after the remodel, will try to get in and have an update soon.

*Texas Boogie is open, with bizarrely insulting staff shirts.

*Bad Irish is open, with only one keg of nickel beer.

*HiJinx is open, but I haven't heard anything good or bad.

*There is considerable play on the old Milky Way. An informed source speaks of at least two letters of intent on the 10th street space.

*Craigslist has a liquor license for $110,000.00. I believe this may be the same LL that was listed for $180,000. before the 1st of the year. 

*Dave is still trying to sell Mr. Lucky's