Jo's New Sunshine Lounge

Promised and update on the Sunshine.

Been asked where it is a lot.

It is the bar in the Rodeway Inn, between the Freeway and St. Al's. It opened as the Purple Jester and was a Disco Bar for a while. It quickly became a cool music bar and changed it's name to the Sunshine. Lot's of great local bands played, I remember TT Miller the most.

Who took it over?

Jo Fryberger, a former co-owner of the Blues Bouquet, and current owner of Jo's Traveling bar.

Why is it better?

In about everyway possible. The old Sunshine Feed Store didn't have much to offer. Jo's Sunshine Lounge is already the place for live blues music. Only reopen a couple of weeks, the bar has featured the Insomniacs a fun road band and Short Notice with Cyndie Lee, Richard Soliz and Noble Atherton, plus others. Add in a general clean up, new staff (including yours truely) and your cookin'.

In General

If you enjoy live music, especially blues in an intimate setting, a good drink at a  fair price, a pleasant staff, and good friends. You will love Jo' Sunshine Lounge.