Memphis-Eat,Drink,Boogie Repeat


There is a power to Memphis. A charge that comes for history, the power of Blues and Rock N Roll. Of the fight for cival rights and the diversity of music. As Elissa and stood at the top of Beale street the electriciy energized us. We at a bowl of “Memphis Soul” at the Blues City Dinner. Blues City is an original, when Bubba’s of The House of Blues, or Disney tries to make a Blues Dinner, the look the are aiming for is here. A miss mash of table and chairs, aged black and white photos, wide glass cases and the best food on Beale. It was not a coincidence that are 1st meal was at the Blues City.

After a recharge we found some of the Boise bunch in the hotel bar. A couple of douples and we were back to Beale. The Rum Boogie to be exact,  the home of

EAT, DRINK, REPEAT.  Heard some pretty good blues, and found out the Lori will be on stage here both nights of the competion and Po O’Hara and the Bo Do’s will be next door. As one of the prime venues, this is a huge sign of respect for the Blue Diamonds.

After Rum Boogies closed we rolled through the “secret” door into Mr. Handys Juke Joint. This fabled hall was swingin’, When I smiled and told Russ Martin he was going to play Beale Street tomorrow, he wink back and told me he was “going to tell the truth, on Beale. “

Good times a head.