Two dogs and a GPS

Hi all, this is the 1st of a new blog project. Plan to post the adventure of Kloi, the new dog Dasher and our travels and travails.

Two dogs and a GPS blog


After a quick morning cuppa coffee from Dawson Taylor downtown I decided to test out the new little black dog in the car. So, we're headed to Wieser Idaho. To see if we can find something interesting to shoot. We're out chasing photos. Me, two dogs and a GPS

So far it is Fog, fog everywhere. Not much going on in Payette so I grabbed a burger at the Arctic Circle and headed north.

Wieser is a beautiful little Idaho town. Most of the downtowns older building are still there, although like most smaller american towns many are empty. Wandered for a bit, didn't really find anything. Often when  you're a photographer you look and chase and catch absolutely nothing.

Today I did get a couple of interesting shots of the old UP depot, but mostly the weather shut us out.

However the trip was a great success the little black dog and medium-size maybe big yellow dog got along great. They're both good car dogs, and will be chasing many photos together. Overall not a bad day for two dogs and a GPS.