Freak Alley

Down the alley, the Freak Alley. I entered a surprisingly bright world of, sculptures, painters, musicians and poets. Not a freak in sight. The visuals were wonderful, I was particularly taken by the art of Sara Mc Donald. Saratops her friends call her. The diminutive artist was a visual delight herself, dressed to impress with a shock of dark black hair and bright red lace up leather knee-high boots(do they still call them Go-Go boots?)

Her work was a display of paintings and two sculptures. The paintings exihibited a powerful sense of color. From strokes of reds, blacks and blues, babies faces and angel wings appear. Off kilter composition and tight framing add to the erie effect.

One of Sara�s sculptures was of a fetus. It was a bit intense for me. A graphic realization of the a real baby. Using wood, wax and cloth the artist was able to convey this beginning of life quite realistically. This gives the viewer a stark look at their origins.

The Freak Alley Gallery show is a great addition to the downtown art scene. We often discount the work of less mainstream artists. By presenting this powerful and somewhat offbeat art, the Freak Alley gives us all a chance to see art from a distinctively different view than the usual �First Thursday� chardonnay stroll.